Proud to Care


Mission Statement

 To provide a caring, convenient service with dignity and respect to all


To provide high quality, patient centred care, which exceeds patient expectations. Delivered by a dedicated, compassionate and respectful team

Values - we are

Kind and compassionate- to our patients and ourselves

Professional, caring and patient centred

Respectful, friendly and supportive

Responsive, responsible and reflective

Committed to the highest standards of care

We are personable and relatable

Always learning


Aims & Objectives

To improve the health of the people in our community

Help reduce health inequalities

Treat all patients equally, ensuring the most vulnerable are able to access care

Remember our common purpose in all aspects of our work

Promote continuity of care and a  seamless patient journey

Improve patient  experience

Build excellent relationships with our patients and between ourselves

Maintain excellent knowledge and skills

Our staff are well trained and always go the extra mile

Recognise when people need extra support

Treat everyone as if they were a member of your own family

Maintain and develop good communication between staff and patients

Ensure patient security/ data protection at all times

Offer a wide variety of services

Maintain a variety of skill sets

Ensure staff have access to training and support and foster a culture of continuous development.


Why we come to work

Inspiration from role models

Wanting to make a difference and help people

Rewarding interesting job with real time feedback and an opportunity to improve

Patient journey is interesting to follow

Working as part of a team

Build strong relationships with patients especially over time

Interesting, varied work

To be proud of something