Appointment Reasons

There has been a lot of information in the media of late regarding Medical Receptionists asking for information for the reason you need an appointment.

Please be assured that the reason we ask for a 'brief description' of why you need an appointment is not to pry or be nosy, it is so we can ensure you get to see the correct clinician.

All our staff abide by strict confidentiality policies which forms part of their contract of employment, they follow the strict guidance/training provided by our GP Partners when booking appointments, therefore the receptionist is only acting upon the wishes of their employer.

GP practices now provide services from a multi skilled team which includes GP's, Practice Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Health Care Assistants and Pharmacists; these clinicians provide a range of different medical services to you.

Therefore when you call for an appointment and you are asked for a 'brief description' and for example you state; you have a sore throat, you would be offered an appointment with our Nurse Practitioner, if you need an ear syringe you would be offered an appointment with our Health Care Assistant, for a medication review you would be offered an appointment with our Pharmacist, and for a Long Term condition review such as Diabetes you would be offered an appointment with the Practice Nurse.

By asking for a ‘brief description’ it prevents unnecessary multiple appointments if you see the wrong clinician, and makes our service much more efficient.

We hope this information has been useful


Thank you